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Based in Chesterfield, Missouri, Thomas Brutnell is a plant genetics and genomics researcher who guides Viridis Genomics Consulting and provides next-generation solutions in the area of crop biotechnology. Working with industry and academic scientists, as well as institutional investors, Thomas Brutnell pursues strategies such as integrating phenotypic and genomic datasets to enhance the plant selection process.

Since late 2018, Dr. Brutnell has additionally served as visiting scholar with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing where he provides advisory services to graduate and postdoctoral students, as well as to junior faculty members. His focus is on launching a program to engineer C4 photosynthetic differentiation traits into rice and to develop a comprehensive C4 photosynthesis research program.

As vice president of product development at Gateway Biotechnology in St. Louis, [Dr. Brutnell] is exploring Chinese medicinal plant extracts as drug candidates in preventing noise-induced hearing loss. Thomas Brutnell is also leading the pharmacogenetic efforts within Gateway Biotechnology to map human genetic variation with drug responsiveness in clinical trials.

Thomas Brutnell

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